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Katsuo Kurieita
3 min readSep 12, 2021


I am Katsuo and I write this introduction to speak about my professional background and new BSC project: Masamoon Token.

Almost everyone in Japan knows about Masamune; he was a legendary medieval blacksmith whose work was without contest. Some infos from our website:

Masamoon Token’s name was inspired by Masamune (正宗), also known as Gorō Nyūdō Masamune (五郎入道正宗). He was widely recognized as Japan’s greatest swordsmith; Masamune created swords and daggers, known in Japanese as tachi and tantō respectively, in the Sōshū tradition.

As no exact dates are known for Masamune’s life, he has reached an almost legendary status.

Because of the prestige of his name and work, I decided it was natural to name a SafeMoon-like token after him, but change it slightly (MasaMOON!)

It is definitely a catchy brand and I am surprised no one had thought of it before. That is just one of the pros about Masamoon Project — it is super unique! There are many others, and I will explain in just a bit.

Before that, I’d like to go into a little detail about my background. I grew up in Yamagata Prefecture, a very pretty place that attracts tourists from all over. I was always technical, even since adolescence, so computer science was a main focus for me during higher education.

After university, I entered development field and have experience with Python, Ruby on Rails (a little), web design (CSS/Java/HTML) and most recently Solidity (programming for ERC20/BEP20).

I have been working in a few jobs and some freelance for last few years, but only recently became interested in entrepreneurship.

I don’t own brick and mortar store, but have created a few web-based projects that saw success. Latest one is now Masamoon and it is grassroots, much like Tatsuhiro’s (colleague) Hikikomori Token.

Why grassroots and no big money to start? Well, to answer simply it is because there is a special challenge in such projects.

Everyday new tokens are created and private, presales, fair launches, unfair launches occur. Many of these, especially on Binance Smart Chain, turn out to be scams and thieves walk away with investor money.

Masamoon is not this, and that is another pro. I have made sure transparency is #1 priority, so new traders can look at all data and see that there is:

  1. No hidden tricks (verified & published source code)
  2. No shady developer actions (ownership renounced to 0x000.. dead address)
  3. No rugpulls (anti-whale feature of 25K max token transactions & LP locked). Note: This does not mean holders can’t sell and trigger panic from community. It is out of dev team control, but that is where confidence comes in.

Still, it behooves every trader (especially in cryptocurrency) to do their own research. All resources for Masamoon Project are available on the website: https://masamoon.net, and any questions can be directed to me or Tatsuhiro.

Here is some basic token infos:

Name: Masamoon
Type: BSC/BEP-20
Contract: 0xEdefd156430a2c43dC9A4c6c2C31DB254DABf8AF
Decimals: 18
Total Supply: 10,000,000
MaxTxAmount: 25,000 (0.25% of total)
Transaction Fee: 5% reflection & 5% LP acquisition
SwapAndLiquify Amount: 5,000 (0.05% of total)

And an important note about transfers:

Masamoon’s maximum transaction amount is 25,000 tokens! Anything more than that will result in a failed tx. Also, traders should set their slippage to around 12%+ since there is a 10% wallet redistribution/liquidity fee!

So, have confidence when deciding to buy Masamoon! There is a team of good, professional developers who are very transparent about our works! Plus, with only a 10,000,000 total supply (SafeMoon is 1 quadrillion), there is a much higher chance of valuable tokens (even if only one!)

Thank you for reading and visit https://masamoon.net today to get started.

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Katsuo Kurieita

Developer / Creator of Masamoon Token (BSC)